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Differences between semi-trailer and full trailer

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Overview of special semi-trailer and full trailer 

A full trailer, which means that a full trailer is attached to the rear of an ordinary car, and the two are connected by a hook. Full trailers can increase the loading capacity of trucks and reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing transportation costs. A full trailer is generally composed of a frame, a body, a traction device, a steering device, a suspension, a walking system, a braking system, and a signal system.

A semi-trailer is a trailer whose axles are placed behind the vehicle's center of gravity (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and are equipped with hitches that transmit horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. The semi-trailer is generally a three-axle semi-trailer, and its types are divided into 11-meter warehouse semi-trailer, 13-meter warehouse lantern, low-bed semi-trailer and many other types. It is a heavy-duty transportation vehicle connected with the semi-trailer head through a traction pin.special semi-trailer for sale -Hyzer

The differences between a full trailer and a low boy trailer 

1. Load: The load of the full trailer is fully borne by itself, and is only connected to the main vehicle by hooks. The main vehicle does not need to bear the load of the trailer, but only helps the trailer provide power; the semi-trailer needs the main vehicle to provide a support point, and the main vehicle is responsible for providing power In addition, it needs to bear half of the trailer load.

2. The full-trailer relies on its own tires to stand upright, and the semi-trailer needs to rely on the front legs.

3. Full trailers have front wheels, semi-trailers do not.

4. Semi-trailer is mainly transporting bulky goods that are not easy to be disassembled.

A semi-trailer is different from a full-trailer. A semi-trailer is a trailer that is behind the center of gravity of the axle vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and is equipped with a coupling device that can transmit horizontal or vertical forces to the tractor! Generally, a full trailer has two axles, and a semi-trailer has one axle. Semi-trailer refers to a vehicle that has no power itself and is jointly carried with the main vehicle and relies on the traction of the main vehicle. Simply put, the full trailer is connected to the front truck with a hook. The semi-trailer is connected to the traction seat of the tractor through the traction pin. The common container transport vehicle is a typical semi-trailer, and the rear loading part is the semi-trailer. There are also differences in use. Full trailers are mainly used for short-distance transportation in factories, ports, docks, warehouses, etc., while semi-trailers are mainly used for long-distance transportation of goods.



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