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Descriptions of Dolly (trailer)

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Hand truck is an unpowered vehicle designed to be attached to a tractor,truck, or prime mover vehicle with strong traction.

  • Classification by coupling configuration.

There are two basic types:dolly semi trailer

  • Conversion dollies, with one to three axles, designed to attach to the drawbar on the rear of a truck or trailer.There are two variants of this:

  • A-dolly has a drawbar with a centered coupling.

  • Model C carts have two independent couplings side by side.

  • A low loader trolley with a gooseneck drawbar connected to the fifth wheel coupling on the rear of the prime mover to distribute the mass of the fifth wheel on the trolley between the prime mover and the trolley wheels.These are mainly fitted with two axles.

Torque converter trolleys are used on road trains most commonly with two or three axles and an articulated drawbar.They are also often referred to as road train trolleys,it prevents articulation between the cart wheels and the axle of the truck or trailer in front of the cart,rules require articulation between shaft groups.Low loader trolleys featuring a kingpin instead of a drawbar coupling are used with many low loaders to allow heavy loads to be carried without overloading the prime mover or the wheels of the low loader.

Airport trolley

Trolleys are used to transport loose luggage, oversized luggage, postal bags, loose cargo cartons, etc.between aircraft and terminal buildings or sortation facilities.In the US, these trolleys are called luggage trolleys, but in Europe luggage trolleys are luggage trolleys used by individual passengers.



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