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Company News

  • 2021-03-12

    Before delivery, we carry out load test (static load and dynamic load) on all products, so as to ensure that the trailers have enough load in the process of use and under various road conditions. For more information on windmill power trailer, please send email to so that we will give you suitable design. Carol HY WhatsApp: +86 186 290 72795

  • 2020-12-23

    Dear All, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout this year. 2020 has been a challenging year in ways no one could have imagined.We want to express our true appreciation to you and all of your families. At this time, when people around the world are coming tog

  • 2020-12-05

    New traffic restrictions will be released this month. The implementation of large transport of windmill power will be affected. The following is limit dimension:Total height from the ground is more than 4m.Total width of the vehicle is more than 2.55m.Total length of the vehicle is more than 18.1m.T

  • 2020-09-30

    Dear All,Please kindly be advised that we will have 3 days holiday from Oct. 1st to Oct. 3rd due to our National Day holiday and Mid-autumn festival.We will come back on Oct. 4th.

  • 2020-07-23

    SPMT is mainly used in the transportation of heavy, large, high and special-shaped structures. Its advantages are flexible use, convenient loading and unloading, and the carrying capacity can reach more than 50000 tons in the case of multi vehicle mechanical assembly or free combination. It is widel

  • 2020-07-07

    Large cargo transportation is a very complex project, especially when the distance is relatively long. It is necessary to explore the road conditions to be passed in advance, so as to select suitable transportation equipment. We have been focusing on the design and manufacture of heavy trailers.Beca

  • 2020-07-01

    We focus on the design, production and manufacture of heavy trailers. No matter how things change, we are the same.When the manufacturing capacity is almost at the same level, the proper transportation plan comes from the careful design ability.According to the actual transportation requirements, we

  • 2020-06-11

    This is our special transporter testing before delivery. Special transporter can be used in shipyard and steel plant.Where to find realiable factory on heavy transporter? Who export special transporter for shipyard and steel plant? Who is professional manufacturer on special transporter? Please kind

  • 2020-04-24

    Trailer for transport railway carriageMost of us have all been on the train. But how many people know how railway carriage are transported? Because the railway carriage is long, it needs heavy trailer to tranport. In the below video, you will find the answer.We are specialized in desiging and manufa

  • 2020-04-16

    Modular trailer loading test before deliveryWe are producing hydraulic axle line trailer with our heart.Every step is done with heart and never changed.Never forget why we started, and our mission can be accomplished.Where to find realiable factory on heavy transporter? Who export modular trailer? W

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