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Combination Accessories For Modular Trailer

We offer optional extensive range of combination accessories for modular trailer to enhance your professional transport solution, such as, hydraulic gooseneck, draw bar, Drop deck, Spacer (Intermediate bridge), Extendable Vessel Bridge (Length and Width Adjustable), Turntable (Bolsters), Girder Bridge. We design and make any type of combination accessories according to actual transport cargo and road condition.

Buy cheap combination accessories for modular trailer with Xian Hyzer now! We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our equipment are high in precision, reliable in performance and good in design. If you want to know price quotation and more specifications of good quality combination accessories for modular trailer for sale in our factory, contact us now.

The modular trailer itself has no power and can be towed by forklifts and tractors. It is suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo in factories, terminals, ports and warehouses.


1. The high-elastic solid tire can enhance the load-carrying capacity and service life of the trailer, and reduce the damage caused by the bumps of the vehicle during driving.

2. The double suspension type swing bracket can adjust the balance and stability of the flatbed by itself;

3. The pin material is made of alloy steel and processed by special treatment;

4. The I-beam main beam can increase the bearing capacity and improve the stability of the vehicle.


Modular trailers are widely used in railway, port, warehousing, heavy steel mills, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries across the workshop, cross-compilation, cross-warehouse storage process and material handling, to reduce labor intensity and improve production. The ideal electric handling machinery for efficiency.