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Combination accessories for modular trailer:semi-trailer brake system

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ABS anti-lock locking system needs to be assembled  

Semi-trailer braking system is divided into tow truck, trailer two parts.  Traditional braking system through a variety of pure mechanical parts to control the whole braking system, unable to perceive each axle, tire and the ground contact driving conditions.  In the event of an emergency, the braking system uses the fixed brake mode to control the vehicle, which is also inadequate for good driving skills.  

ABS Anti-lock braking system main control box (WABCO)  Happiness comes from safety. To put it simply, the ABS system accurately controls the ABS air-path control valve through sensor signals and the central processor to collect complex signals for calculation, adjust the braking force distribution of each tire, and perceive the braking state of the vehicle from time to time. It is like the driver has a lot of helpers to help you control the vehicle.  Although the same is a foot brake action, its role is completely different.  

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Matters needing attention in the use of automatic adjusting arm of brake  

Automatic arm adjustment  

Automatic adjusting arm has been widely used in the braking system of large passenger cars in the early stage. With the technical upgrading of high-end products of trucks, the products equipped with automatic adjusting arm have gradually come into our sight.  The automatic adjusting arm eliminates the heavy maintenance operation of manual adjustment of brake clearance (brake grain and brake pad clearance), and keeps the consistency of braking effect.  

It should be noted that the brake pad or brake hub wear is excessive, the brake camshaft acting on the brake shoe can not be returned, causing "drag grinding" or even "lock", causing accident hidden danger.  Therefore, equipped with automatic adjusting arm of the vehicle, in strict accordance with the provisions of the maintenance specification, inspection, maintenance replacement.  

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BPW non - asbestos brake pads  

The sensor of the ABS system is installed on the fixed bracket of the axle bushings, which requires a relatively dry and clean environment to ensure normal operation.  When choosing to replace the brake pads, we should choose high-quality products without asbestos ingredients. Some of the so-called "semi-metal, all-metal" asbestos brake pads produce wear dust particles adhering to the surface of various parts in the brake boss, causing the failure of the ABS sensor.  Brake pad material will also cause irreparable damage to the brake hub, the brake system is also prone to overheating.  

The brake hub  

The brake hub is out of round, the inner surface is rough and uneven, which will make the tire wear seriously and uneven, and the ABS system function can not play the most effective role in rain and snow weather.   

How to respond when the brake system fails  

Internal and external thread pipe plug  

It is very dangerous when the brake system fails and the vehicle is unable to travel to the safe area.  Mastering basic emergency knowledge will reduce losses and avoid accidents.  First of all, the vehicle should always have wearing parts, such as: brake pipe, raw tape, internal and external screw plug with the same type of brake pipe joint, pipe quick connector, etc.  Most of the brake system faults appear in the brake pipe, joint or pump chamber bowl rupture, leakage.  



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