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Classification of large transport vehicles

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From the perspective of functional division, large cargo transport vehicles are divided into three categories: non driven hydraulic vehicles. Drive hydraulic vehicles and supporting transportation accessories. In terms of use, it can be divided into road heavy transport vehicles and on-site heavy transport vehicles (steel mills, shipyards, wharfs, etc.) And railway heavy transport vehicles. At present, there is no uniform standard for the classification of large transport vehicles.China Hydraulic Modular Trailer

Road heavy heavy cargo transport vehicle

Large road transport vehicles are common transportation modes in large logistics. This mode of transportation is characterized by hydraulic suspension. The vehicle has great bearing capacity and hydraulic lifting function. The loading and unloading of goods can be completed without lifting equipment. The vehicle is generally driven by a tractor, and the transportation speed is 30~60km/h, which can adapt to long-distance transportation. At present, there are many kinds of large road transport vehicles on the market, many of which are specially manufactured for the transport of specific equipment, including hydraulic module vehicles and hydraulic trailers. Bridge transport vehicle, canteen transport vehicle. Concave transporter. Mobile substation transport vehicle and wind power equipment transport vehicle.

As a combined product of hydraulic flatbed truck and hydraulic trailer, the hydraulic module bulk carrier is equipped with a power system on the basis of the hydraulic trailer structure, turning a single trailer into an independent doll. Standardize and modularize the structure shape. The axis shall be continuously spliced according to the quality of goods. It integrates computer, microelectronic technology, hydraulic technology and wireless communication technology to realize wireless intelligent operation. Because of its compact structure, it can realize standardized modular assembly. It can be mechanically spliced or flexibly spliced. Theoretically, modular vehicles can be spliced to a bearing capacity of 10 million tons, but in practical applications, large use cases have exceeded 10000 tons. With the continuous promotion of the idea of "space for time" for large equipment, large equipment is assembled and welded in the factory. Compared with field installation. The project quality is guaranteed. It can also enable multiple components to work at the same time. It saves time. The modular trolley is the transportation basis of this assembly method. Modular vehicles are installed on offshore platforms, substations and hulls. The overall handling of super large components such as large engineering buildings has good application prospects. Because it usually transports very large objects. Therefore, its speed design is generally very slow, and the basic speed is controlled within 5 km/h.

As the basic model of large logistics transportation industry, hydraulic trailer is the design basis of most large transportation vehicles. Hydraulic trailer adopts hydraulic suspension and integral traction steering. Hydraulic control lifting, three-point or four point support, all wheel traction or steering control. All wheel braking. Therefore, the pallet height is low. The axle load is uniform and the turning radius is small. It is characterized by flexible and reliable turning. The flat mesh box girder frame is modular and can be spliced according to the length and weight of the goods. It can be combined vertically and horizontally. Quick splicing and convenient installation. It is easy to operate and has a certain self loading and unloading capacity. When driving on up and down ramps or slopes. The body plane can be adjusted within a certain range. Maintain a horizontal position. In addition, the hydraulic trailer is equipped with a hydraulic gooseneck. It can be used as a hydraulic semi-trailer and is suitable for high speed on highways. Long distance driving.

Transporter for tank type equipment. Its structure is different from that of other vehicles. It is not a hydraulic suspension, but a lifting hydraulic device is set at the connection between the frame structure and the vehicle. The whole concave frame structure is built on the front and rear carriages respectively, and the front one is built on the tractor, so it is called the dining car. Compared with hydraulic axle truck, the cost is lower. However, due to the lack of hydraulic suspension to adjust the bearing capacity of each suspension, the maximum bearing capacity is limited. At present, the bearing capacity is generally 200~350t.

The carrying capacity of concave transport vehicle is within the range of 50~300t. This type of vehicle adds a concave structure between the front and rear trains, mainly to reduce the driving height. Due to the structural restriction of the connection between the train and the concave, its bearing capacity cannot be too large. When the vehicle is transported, the concave can be pressed against the ground through the lifting function of the hydraulic suspension, effectively reducing the driving height.

Large transport vehicle on site

Large transport vehicles on site are an important part of large transport field. These vehicles are characterized by large tonnage, speed of less than 30km/h, and usually have their own power. As most of the stations for such vehicles are only used for transportation at docks and large factories, the outside world lacks sufficient attention. Field transport vehicles are widely used due to the wide variety of cargo transportation, such as hydraulic module vehicles, shipyard hydraulic flatbed vehicles, beam transport vehicles, etc.



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