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Antifreeze measures for trailer brake valve

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How can the trailer brake valve effectively prevent freezing without using antifreeze oil?

It is recommended to install a condenser on the pipeline from the original air pump to the dryer. At present, many new vehicles are equipped as standard at the factory. Models that are not equipped can consider adding a condenser. The purpose is to reduce the temperature of the air pipe from the air pump through the condenser, so that the moisture inside the pipe gas can be converted into condensed water.

What if the brake valve is frozen?China heavy haul lowboy trailers - XIAN HYZER

The easiest way to repair the brake valve. Basically, the upper cover of the conventional brake valve (excluding the ECU relay valve, trailer valve, and three-axle valve of the electronic control unit) has 4 fixing bolts. Remove these 4 fixing bolts, open the upper cover, and you will see After the ice on the piston is cleared, use a thinner screwdriver to push up the lower exhaust port, push the piston out, wipe it clean and put some butter on it, and then press it back.

Thorough maintenance of the operation method of the brake valve

Essential tool: inner circlip pliers

If you want to thoroughly maintain the brake valve, you have to open the valve device below.

The maintenance operation method is also to wipe clean, apply lubricating oil and then install it back, it is best to use special grease for brake valve. If not, you can use butter to maintain the wheels instead.

Pay attention to the seals and movable mating surfaces with more butter, and be careful not to damage the seal ring during installation.

After the maintenance is completed, it is installed. The brake valves are marked, remember that the 4 port is the air pipe from the master cylinder or the trailer valve; the 1 port is the normal vent pipe from the air reservoir; the 2 port is the air outlet leading to the brake cylinder The air pipe of the "brake chamber

After maintenance and repair, there is no ice piston inside and it can work up and down normally, so that the trailer can run normally.

It is recommended to install a brake valve with electric thermostat and drain port. Because the brake valve on the trailer is the terminal, it is the place where the moisture accumulates the most. These two brake valves with built-in drainage function can be used.

Even if there is water, it has been discharged during the braking process. There is also an electric heating thermostat device, which is suitable for colder areas in winter, and the pressure output in the front section is consistent with the fluctuation of the master cylinder curve, ensuring better maneuverability in rain and snow , And the braking force is perfect after loading.



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