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Advantages of Owning a Heavy Transport Trailer (1)

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Heavy-duty transport vehicles are also called large transport vehicles.At present,heavy-duty transport vehicles are divided into three categories:non-drive hydraulic vehicles,drive hydraulic vehicles and supporting transport accessories.In terms of use,large-scale transport vehicles can be divided into road heavy-duty large-scale transport vehicles,large-scale transport vehicles (steel mills, shipyards, docks, etc.),and railway heavy-duty transport vehicles.Since there is no uniform standard for the classification of large logistics vehicles,the Automotive Standardization Technical Committee has just released the relevant regulations on large transport vehicles in September 2019.Therefore,each manufacturer names them according to their own habits.In order to let readers have an intuitive experience of heavy cargo transport vehicles,the characteristics and usage of heavy cargo transport vehicles are comprehensively analyzed below,focusing on highway heavy cargo large-scale transport vehicles.

Highway large transport vehicle Heavy Transport Trailer

Road bulk trucks are a common mode of transportation for bulk logistics.This mode of transportation is characterized by hydraulic suspension,which enables the vehicle to have a large carrying capacity and hydraulic lifting function,and the loading and unloading of goods can be completed without lifting equipment.Vehicles are generally driven by tractors,with a transport speed of 30-60 km\\u002Fh,which can be adapted to long-distance transport.At present,there are many types of road heavy-duty transport vehicles on the market,many of which are specially manufactured for specific equipment transportation,mainly including hydraulic module vehicles,hydraulic trailers,bridge transport vehicles,clumsy transport vehicles,concave transport vehicles,mobile substation transport vehicles and wind power equipment transport vehicles, etc.As a combined product of a hydraulic flatbed truck and a hydraulic trailer, the hydraulic module vehicle is equipped with a power system on the basis of the hydraulic trailer structure,and each suspension is changed to an independent suspension.The structural shape is standardized and modularized,and the axes are continuously spliced according to the quality of the goods.It integrates computer,microelectronics technology,hydraulic technology and wireless communication technology to realize wireless intelligent operation.Due to its compact structure and standardized modular assembly, it can be spliced mechanically or flexibly.In theory,modular vehicles can be spliced to a carrying capacity of 10,000 tons,but in practical applications,the use cases have exceeded 10,000 tons.With the continuous promotion of the idea of exchanging space for time,large-scale equipment is assembled and welded in the factory.Compared with on-site installation,it not only ensures the quality of the project,but also enables multiple components to work at the same time, saving time.The modular vehicle is the transportation basis for this assembly method.Therefore,the modular trolley has a good application prospect in the overall handling of super large components such as offshore platforms,substations,hulls,and large engineering buildings.Because it usually transports super-large objects,its speed design is generally very slow,and the basic speed is controlled within 5 km\\u002Fh.According to public information, an Italian manufacturer once produced a modular vehicle with a load capacity of 3,600 tons,which was controlled by an electronic computer,and the transmitter could reflect the movement of the vehicle's center of mass and the moment-to-moment changes of the road.It is characterized by 1152 tires and a load of more than 30 tons.It is the vehicle with the most tires in the world.At present, the total transport quality of the hydraulic module vehicle is 15000t,because it can be used together,it adds a lot of legend.



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