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A semi-trailer with a fence structure designed to carry goods.

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A semi-trailer with a fence structure designed to carry goods.  It is mainly used for the transportation of agricultural and sideline products and other light foam goods. 

 1, the model and fence structure design process combined with the user's cargo category, reasonable design, meet the load condition to fully reduce the weight of the carriage, simple and applicable structure, convenient disassembly, for the user to reduce the investment cost, create more profit value.China extendable step frame trailer- XIAN HYZER

  2. Frame: a space frame structure composed of welded longitudinal beam and integral through-through beam.  Can balance the strength, stiffness, toughness of the frame, bearing capacity is strong, no permanent deformation.  

3. The series of hamster semi-trailers are of beam type structure, and the longitudinal beams are of straight or gooseneck type.  The height of webs is from 400 to 500, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot blasting, and the beam is inserted into the longitudinal beam and welded as a whole. 

 4, suspension system: the use of new suspension system, high strength, strong impact resistance;  The load of each shaft is balanced, and the Angle of the system tie rod is reasonably designed. In the process of frequent bumping, the friction sliding distance between the tire and the ground can be reduced, and the tire wear can be effectively reduced. At the same time, the tie rod and the wheelbase can be adjusted to effectively avoid the phenomenon of the tire's bias running-in and nibble-wheel.  



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